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Your Power Bill

Electrical utilities charge significantly more for power used during peak hours. CoincidentPeak lets you know when system-wide power usage is at its peak, allowing you to momentarily cut your power consumption and lower your energy bill by up 50%.

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If one hour a month costs you six times as much as the rest of the month, shouldn't you know when that hour is? Well now you can and that will save you money.


By knowing when power was most expensive a company in Tarboro, NC uses our notifications to adjust production schedules and save over $10,000/mo.

5Coincident Peak Rates

Coincident peak rates bill you one rate during the monthly peak hour causing that hour to equal nearly half your bill, avoid that hour and you reduce your power bill.

  • has saved us over $45,000 over the past 4 months. Without the advanced warning SIS offered us, we would not have been able to realize these savings.
    Marc Noel
    Chairman Noel Group
  • starts giving us peak predictions 10 days out, allowing us to create production schedules that avoid peak hours. This year we've saved 30% on our utility bill.
    Doug Stolpe
    Operations Manager Nomaco Insulation
  • Last month predicted 9 hours of demand response while the utility predicted 54.5 hours -- that would be a savings of $32,580 in diesel fuel for those using generators.
    Mason Weems