</ndustrial.io> is a company headquartered in Durham, NC that provides industrial and manufacturing businesses with software, hardware and resource efficiency project management services to help reduce their operating expenses and turn these efficiencies into a sustainable competitive advantage. Our software is built for both technical and non-technical people within industrial organizations and we take front-end (and back-end) design seriously.

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Coincident Peak: nSight

Coincident Peak: nSight is one of a suite of apps created by </ndustrial.io>.  The technology that drives the app has been successfully used with several manufacturing businesses across various industries to consistently save thousands of dollars a month.  

Contact us at coincidentpeak@ndustrial.io for more information.

Coincident Peak has saved us over $45,000 over the past 4 months. Without the advanced warning, we would not have been able to realize these savings.
— Marc Noel, Chairman Noel Group
Coincident Peak starts giving us peak predictions 10 days out, allowing us to create production schedules that avoid peak hours. This year we’ve saved 30% on our utility bill.
— Doug Stolpe, Operations Manager Nomaco Insulation
Last month Coincident Peak predicted 9 hours of demand response while the utility predicted 54.5 hours — that would be a savings of $32,580 in diesel fuel for those using generators.
— Mason Weems, CEM